Monday, February 1, 2010

Facebook Msn Addys Is It Illegal For My Ex-teachers To Talk To Me Through Facebook/msn?

Is it illegal for my ex-teachers to talk to me through facebook/msn? - facebook msn addys

I have my old school, like 6 months ago, and I'm 15th I wonder whether it forbidden for teachers to talk with me on Facebook / MSN, etc? I am 16 years earlier than if it is illegal when I was 15 years, it is legal, if I'm 16? I live in the United Kingdom and is not sexual and I hate them. How I miss friends.


Pope Korky I said...

It is not illegal if it is legal.

~LOU~ said...

I find it strange to most people. You say you miss them as friends, teachers are friends, not their teachers. Teachers need to "friends" age in the same. For adults who want to chat on MSN or Facebook with a girl who shows a strange behavior ... I think theres a reason ..... like me, with all the "teaching and educational materials," the young children ..... Hello Michael Jackson date want.
Lond .... Story I think it is a perversion of chemicals.

(^_^) said...

No it is not illegal in the 14 and in conversation with the teacher of my 6th Year, gave me his MSN, there is nothing wrong. unless, say, to hear something bad about yourself or unpleasant, from you.

Lilaaa ♥☺♥ said...

No, not illegal
But pay attention only to
There is a fine line
ensure that no cross.

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