Friday, February 12, 2010

Female Brazilian Wax Is There A Salon In Cairo Where I Can Get A Brazilian Wax?

Is there a salon in Cairo where I can get a brazilian wax? - female brazilian wax

I need to know to a certain place, and we hope that someone who has been there before. I want a woman does is clear. I noticed it, but he did not answer very well, so I thought it was worth it popular again.

Even when, how much it costs approximately?


Sea Mist said...

So what is a wax "Brazilian"? ?
Nobody knows, so nobody has replied!

Kalooka said...

Why do we need in Brazil, where the Egyptian need is there? Better results, I can assure u.

Gamal El Dean said...

Call 140

Then ask Mazaya (cosmetics distributor) Phone
and also (Botea The questions) Phone Number

If you do for a girl
Beauty Center, all ....
There's one in San Shehab. Lebanon called Mohandssen Beauty Center

talkings... said...

There is a large room overlooking the back door, "The Gun Club in Dokki.
AMR Mossa life on the road.
Im not sure if they do, but maybe cuz they r famous

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