Thursday, February 4, 2010

Discussion What Is A Good Discussion Question Regarding Arranged Marriages?

What is a good discussion question regarding arranged marriages? - discussion

I wrote a summary of an article on arranged marriages in Hindu society in India, but I can not keep a good discussion on the question to the class. Ask for something simple like "What do you think about arranged marriages?" Or: "Would you for someone who does not know," would be too easy to answer as I am to be elected in California. I really appreciate ideas for people to participate. Thank you.


oh yeah ! said...

# What are your criteria for selection a partner?
Requirements of the potential growth rate # in order of their importance to you:
EV / sexual chemistry / personality / religion / Diplomas / Silver / ethnicity / family and the consent of the family / Interests / Hobbies /
# To find a contact in your culture? (Social networking and personal ....)
# If you prefer to pay particular attention to a wedding before or go to chemistry and later get a divorce if he does not?
# Permission of parents is important to you?
# Do you think that trial and error "is a good way to find a partner or compatibility / genealogical evidence," structure "is essential (to eliminate accidental incest)
# If a computer generated series of "encounters decisions made" available on your criteria of choice, would you be willing to go to blind dates, to give him a chance?
If your parents have a similar set of 'dating options "for you, would you be willing to go on blind dates?

Sorry if the questions biased, I'm not.
The only good way to start discussions with leading questions.

btw, not a system of "assignment" or partner with someone to be "elected someone you do not know. This is one of the prejudices and stereotypes.
A marriage is not the same as a "forced marriage". I have never taken without the consent and the willingness of both - men and women.

Becky Breakdown said...

What is your opinion about arranged marriages?
Do you think that arranged marriages are wrong?
Do you think it is fair that women are assigned, "" the people?

Jersey Boy said...

What are the pros and cons that are part of an arranged marriage?

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