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Home Hairdressers Leaflets Templates Any Hairdressers Out There Who Know About Home Hair Colouring?

Any hairdressers out there who know about home hair colouring? - home hairdressers leaflets templates

Of course, I had blond hair, very thin, and she made sure that, like most of my adult life. But last year I had a bright red dye in it, and looked terrible! I did not dare to put bleach on it, so I dyed dark brown and remained until today. Now I would like blonde, but I'm not sure if this is possible because they can not afford to have done go to a salon. Are there any products that you use at home to remove previous colors (red and brown)? And if I'm just going to continue, and chlorine is now set?
Thanks in advance!


marg_har... said...

Ok, please do not start listening to them without professional advice are the people who listen to those who have expressed burned scalp and hair, etc. .. Need to use a solvent to be removed artificial pigments with the previous colors (ColorFix by Robert Craig established if you live in the United States ... or IGORA Schwarzkopf Phantom if you are) living in the UK, are oxidizing agents that the so-called "stripper" who will not buy prescription medicines you are really just glorified bleach differently, you'll probably end up with orange hair by this method (in the right direction, but) and then a completely clean canvas is making money only for 1 or 2 levels increase (depending on how liGht want to go), it will facilitate easy for the bleach to the hair. after bleaching, the pitch is free, I recommend Clairol Born Blonde Toner, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, and very refreshing on the scalp after the use of chlorine .. .

Lily said...

I Nutrisse some clarification from someone with dark brown hair dyed before. Send the color of an orange (which can be a bit scary when it is not expected!) Leave the orange color you put a normal hair color, the color you want. It would be better for you to put on the orange-brown to choose, just for today and the next time opt for the golden color tones.

Note, however, if your hair is much more red in the computer, the red dye that was previously used. Remaining until the end of May with a very bold color, once it became clear blonde. It depends on how much red is in your hair.

I would like to completely avoid the bleach-damaged hair. Adhere to pre-and Bulbsnormal color at the top. You can also dilute purple toner base orangeness blond and do it naturally.

bee said...

If you have a source extraction using kits should work, but when it turns red then what you want is an ash brown to red, before the reintroduction of natural hair lift.
I just yesterday.
Good luck.

ShaSmoot... said...

Hello! It is best to get there in a room in the house, because it can lead to an undesirable outcome. However, it can no longer afford to earn a living.

The only way to strip hair color is the use of bleach. With 9% hydrogen peroxide mixed with chlorine in powder form. It can be purchased at Sally. The mixture for most of his hair, which is their average. Then your order and, after its recent roots (like the warmth of the scalp) leads to a faster processing. If the color will be withdrawn with varying results. Black, brown, red, orange, then blonde. Many people make the mistake of flushing when it orange or red, because they are worried. But please keep it. Rinse if the desired shade of blonde laughed, thennse immediately. During the processing time to keep a few pieces of wet cotton to remove the chlorine in small areas of hair to see how the color develops.

Hope this helps!

jenny said...

is not possible if the death or red hair has to grow, even if Brown died, and I'm not a red dye so u cut regularly, until the color must have taken place when you are sure the red is to be a Chapter first test, if u could end up with pink hair! and will be a disaster

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