Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About Mask That Doctors Wear That Look Like A Beak Weirdest Dream I Ever Had?

Weirdest dream I ever had? - about mask that doctors wear that look like a beak

I walk into a house, not mine. It was night. The house was well furnished and wooden floor, and lit a candle maker. I went and I saw a countertop made of marble. Below him was a man of his seemed to have failed. He was a teenager with red hair. He stood up and told me that I have seen in the longest. He gave me a hug and broke his back. He gets the evil grin as he broke my spine. I fell and I was in great pain. Then I saw a doctor looked at me with a mask. He yelled "Clear" and I felt the defibrillator. I leaned over my body. He did it again. I lay on my body and I woke up.

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