Monday, February 15, 2010

Using Visualboy On Laptop Visualboy Emulator Loading Battery With Graphics Problems?

Visualboy emulator loading battery with graphics problems? - using visualboy on laptop

I have a problem with VBA.
First, I do not understand why there is a "battery", which is also in an emulator.
So here is my situation, I'm running LSDJ (a GB ROM, create music chiptune) in VBA. I recently to a new laptop with Vista. (I have to run on XP). Well, every time you use the same rom with the emulator itself, each time you load a file that has a. Sav A red text will be displayed on the bottom) (charging the battery, and the graphics are much coarser .
If I delete the sav file and simply run the rom, the pictures are perfect. But when a file is created automatically. sav.
How can I fix it? What's happening? Is it Vista? Is it a kind of battery problem?



the ruler of hell said...

ur, if a used gameboy advance rom Visualboy not Visualboy
some other shit happens
VBA applications for GBA Roms

Jadman13... said...

Hey what your backup files, the problems with printing on your PC / laptop, you can do something with it

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