Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Isnt Motion Sensor Light Turning On Explain To Me Why Your Little XBOX 360 Is The Best System.?

Explain to me why your little XBOX 360 is the best system.? - why isnt motion sensor light turning on



SIXAXIS Wireless Controller

Motion sensors in the controller

"No batteries for the controller, simply plug in to pay the PS3.

Better Exclusives (Resistance, Uncharted, R6V, Motorstorm, Metal Gear Solid 4)

"Better look outwards

"Playstation Network is free

"Playstation has better graphics with Blu-ray

Better and easier Controller

"Playstation is easier to use. Easy to use menu. With Xbox 360, for the first time you see the menu, you're like" What the F David Blaine?

Sony has the PS3.

-0.02 Failure rate.

Soon Xbox 360 features:

"A picture of a great power on the back.

Fai -30%Prices move

The scratched discs

"A little confusing menu screen

- $ 50 per life-year is not much better than the PS Network, play only more people.

- Have Halo 3 and Gears of War. Halo is horrible, and Gears is more appreciated. I've played both many times. I want to buy one, when they made the PS3.

Do something tells me why 360 is better ..

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airdogsp... said...

PS3 Blu-ray it was!

>>>>> SIXAXIS wireless motion-sensor controller in the control

They realize that the same things. It is like saying that the PS3 has a switch on and off! Wow! And now roaring, after more than a year, finally.

N >>>>>>- batteries to the controller, simply plug in to charge the PS3
Wait until the driver starts to lose its charge, then what?

Best Exclusive >>>>>>-
On what basis? Your opinion? Wow its amazing that a kind of thought you think would have been different ...

Best >>>>>- Appearance
We base game that looks better on the outside? So you say Mac comComputers can do better then the PC game, because they look better? It has been said, I can play better games, because I was not so ugly! What kind of logic is this!

PlayStation Network is free >>>>-
Yes, it is still worth something on the net?

>>>>- Playstation has better graphics because of Blu Ray
Blu-ray are not graphics, is a storage format. The Blu-ray only, which gives more room for the best graphics shop.

Better and easier >>>>- Controller
Better? What's up with L2 L1 and R1 and R2 buttons.
What happens if you use the same driver that came with the PS1! Thus, it can do so again, but keep the same driver during the last 10 years?

>>>> With the Xbox 360, for the first time you see the menu, you are like
What? I think the Xbox 360 menu is difficult or
1. You can not read
2. They are color blind!
I want to go the menu systems. What do you press right 4 times in his memory, and you do not.
PS3, go 1 left, down, over two and who knows where, and to achieve.

>>> "A picture of a great power to the rear
what it does? How is this important? It goes behind the TV?

>>> 30% failure rate
This has had a lot of down (Get Your recent statistics)
But at least the dust does not void the warranty ...

Live >>>>>-$ $ 50 per year is not much better than the PS Network, more peopleplay
Have you done this math? This was reduced to 14 cents per day! Xbox Live, its shape better than anything Sony has now. And if Sony Sony network to other sites for music and videos in comparison, we know it will last.

This is reduced. PS3 has better hardware XBOX 360 has the better software?
PS3 can and can not make great games, but it is difficult to develop. (Why do you think your home has been delayed again, and why many games are for the end)

Xbox 360 has a large software development, you can make very good games, but the material was simply too expensive for the size of the package.

So, if the base game for the PS3 are preserved, is a good game every 2-3 years (timewould lead them to develop it further).

U get a little (less powerful hardware and if) they make the difference between Call of Duty on PS3 vs. Xbox. But always a game each year (more often), it works perfectly. .

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