Monday, January 4, 2010

Vegan Food Products Why Do Food Companies Make Vegetarian/vegan Products That Look Like Real Meat Products?

Why do food companies make vegetarian/vegan products that look like real meat products? - vegan food products

Is that really true vegetarians, they may feel in shape? I ate veggie burgers on the grill and really seems to give more attention to the fact that I eat to gain what everyone eats too. Not that any of defeat on the ground if we offer products that are similar to meat products for real? T-consuming Don 'vegetarians eat differently?


C S said...

I think it helps people transition from a vegetarian a little easier. It could also help some vegetarians feel better when they eat meat-eaters. Most vegetarians eat or not eat differently, but also to eat healthier and / or believe that no animal deserves to be eaten.

PsychoCo... said...

While the animals did not die for them, do not understand why they should not eat is just as taste of the meat of dead animals.

Anonymous said...

I agree, its terrible boring and usually taste!

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