Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Disney Cruise Audition Disney Cruise Line Auditions?

Disney Cruise Line Auditions? - disney cruise audition

Hey everyone,

I think that fly to Hollywood next week for auditions cruise for "singers". The description of the character under:

[B] and heroines of Disney Princess (Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and the Blue Fairy Pocahontas): Male, 5'4 "-5 '8", singer, strong, intelligent and elegant soprano stop depends on role
[/ B]

What can I schedule in relation to the format of the hearing? I know I need two pieces, and I plan to learn a combo. Sign-ins begin at 9:30 clock and reminds us of this day is by invitation only. How long should I stay on the plan? Are you planning a flight into the night? Is it bad for a little Disney Sing for auditions? How many people are usually in these hearings? When you hear?

All tips and information would be appreciated!


CRAIG M said...

At the hearing next week is a bit late to think about what you have to prepare - you did that was a few weeks ago because of lack of sample preparation.

I suggest you learn the entire process of planning to encourage in particular - also, the idea of coming back next year. It will probably be hundreds of people, and the consultation process will take a long time. If it were me, I want to spend the night. Thus the burden of worry about the catch is your flight back home, and you can on the day of the hearing to concentrate.

★Dusty Dimonds★ said...

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