Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is It Safe To Take Effexor And Phentermine Together Is It Safe To Take Phentermine And Effexor Together?

Is it safe to take Phentermine and Effexor together? - is it safe to take effexor and phentermine together

I've heard that someone can actually lead to an overload of serotonin and problems. Is that true? because I am on Effexor (red pill) and took 37.2 mg of Xanax. Is there a doctor in the house?


USAF wife and Mom of 3! said...

Call your local pharmacy and asks the pharmacist. Have a better idea. Do not trust a person randomly on the Internet, not because you examine their mandates.

knicname said...

No, it is not. It is an amphetamine (stimulant), which can cause too much buoyancy. ...

Indicates that you should not take anti-depressant Effexor, but did not specify.

When you discuss this with your psychiatrist.

Good luck

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