Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ulcerative Proctitis More Condition_treatment Any Doctor Pleeeeeese Help Me On My Report

Any Doctor Pleeeeeese help me on my report - ulcerative proctitis more condition_treatment

The report of my brother's like me can follow any assistance I would be grateful. Report is as follows
Gross examination: - Date 2 biopsies mounted filter paper measuring 0.2 cm in diameter each

Microscopic examination - rectal biopsy - tissue samples from several bits of colonic mucosa showing crypt destruction and falsification cryptitis lining the crypt of coordination. The paper shows dense mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate.
PRINT: - rectal biopsy: In compliance with idiopathic ulcerative proctitis

Please tell me about the report in simple language and gives me suggestions about what can be done, please


Savage said...

A report after small pieces of the intestine.

Crypts are folds of the mucosa or grooves on the inner wall of the rectum through (part of the large bowel) just above the anus and said it was "distorted" and "destruction" - in other words, they do not seem normal, but look like damaged goods.

The tunic "blade is the second layer of the colon and rectum (the large intestine as a multilayer pipe, and thinking), the liner second and no inflammation in the layer (" inflammatory infiltrate).

In fact, the colon is equal to the large intestine.

"In line with idiopathic ulcerative proctitis" means that no local swelling and inflammation in the rectum, and shows the wounds / breaks in the lining, but the cause is usually unknown.

The good news is, because this is not something serious like cancer treatment and dietary restrictions, and may contain some medication.

Check out this link for more information about proctitis.

mike.mar... said...

I would say that Savage was the question so already. My question is - why the hell would a question on the rectal biopsy in the air? Amazing!

Linda Marcus said...

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chicagok... said...

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__A_YAHO... said...

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PS Look at your hands and stay away from people who are sick and coughing.

I hope I helped.

360 4 life said...

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oppertun... said...

highly unlikely

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