Monday, December 14, 2009

Lewy Body Dementia I Need More Detials Of Lewy Body Dementia See The Detials Below?

I need more detials of Lewy Body Dementia see the detials below? - lewy body dementia


The search is based on the effect of food in patients with LBD. My father had been, 75 years (India) was diagnosed with LBD in August 2004 was fairly normal until December 2005 when diagnosed shortly after an attack of viral fever for the low number of platelets was and was treated well by steroids. Do not take this well and behaved like a madman, he was finally withdrawn, and improvement. Now, however, can not be able to speak and understand.

It is in the following medicines

Quitipin 25

Hopecard 5
quitipin 50

Your normal blood pressure or their cholesterol is low, and the platelet count 50 + 10.

Besides steroids, that all dietary supplements help?
What diet should he?
Any other tips?

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