Friday, December 11, 2009

Pokemon Girl Wedgies Who Do You Think Is The Hottest Girl On Pokemon?

Who do you think is the hottest girl on pokemon? - pokemon girl wedgies

I think the studio 8 gym leader in johto (is free) hot. I love how he must occur around half-naked.

Tell me who you think is the sexiest girl pokemon and why?

10 points for best answer!


Brak is Back said...

Whitney Johto
I like the way he dresses and his personality.

Yes, that Cynthia is a hottie too. I love her long blond hair.

Vadim S said...

ewww dude!
******* YOUR piece of ****! DRAWING
as a caricature ... ..... EW is saying things? Go to a porn site

Jeez child. and even when I was little, I did not even get him away from porn, myself and my friends sneaked into the project and see ... SHEESH

POKEMON PORN EWW your disease!

~I DeFiNe SuCcEsS~ said...

uh ... thats disgusting
only a game
You must be a child
Puberty, for the first time
All the best for your son

Will D said...

the champion in diamond, it is difficult to

Soul said...

Well, I'm a girl, but the sunrise or the Elite 4 champion is not bad: P

Danny said...


Danny said...


Danny said...


alexandr... said...

They are not real!

23 said...

Misty man is a classic and with long hair

Robb9790 said...


They are flat

Get Off Your Damn Game Boy go and GET A LIFE


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