Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carving Bench Plans Art History Help 10 Pts!!!!!!!!?

Art History Help 10 pts!!!!!!!!? - carving bench plans

True or False

1) House of synagogues were Jewish worship, where a bench carved sitting walls of the church and a niche in the wall was used to keep the sacred Torah scrolls.

Divine Lineage 2), by Auguste Primaporta claim is made, and refers to the small figure of Cupid on a dolphin riding near his leg in this statue. His family claimed, descended from the goddess Venus.

3) Christianity came to Pompeii and was widely practiced in 50 s. C., because of the frescoes on the walls of the houses that are the rite of Christian baptism by John the Baptist.

4) The floor of the Colosseum in Rome was actually started as a unique amphitheater.

5) It is an open space is entered at the top of the rotunda of the Pantheon, where the sun and rain, the building and called oculus.

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