Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lyme Disease More Condition_symptoms Pictures Can A Child Have A Bullseye Bite Mark And Not Have Lyme Disease?

Can a child have a bullseye bite mark and not have Lyme disease? - lyme disease more condition_symptoms pictures

My son has a few mosquito bites had so lately, when I saw I bump my thinking about him. Now the goal has changed, as after a tick bite. Crescent is a ring now. But here we have deer ticks (as far as I know) and Lyme disease is known in our region. Everything I said Read more about this type of mark, it was a first sign of Lyme disease. He has an appointment to get tested in a few hours, but it is possible that only a rash or something, or mark, nor is Lyme disease? I still think I noticed a tick on his leg for a day or more.

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